Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dining in Disney - DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining

I recently took a quick weekend trip to Walt Disney World and it was a great time.  Since it was a weekend trip, we were pressed for time so I didn't want to waste time with dining so we stuck with quick dining! Fortunately, I had a copy of the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining.  This digital book is very, very handy!  It would have been great to plan nice sit down dinners, this book really got me excited to try so much, but I had to stick with my quick service meals!  It is broken up by location and Table-service to counter service meals.  They even provide suggestions on what to try!! Click here to view more details

I already am familiar with the Disney Dining Plan, but for those that are not, this book explains it and will even provide a comparison - dining plan vs. no dining plan.  There is so much information here, that by the end of the book you should be able to know whether the dining plan is for you or not, and you should have an idea of where to eat.  The problem will be narrowing down your choices, atleast it was for me!  I have a list of restaurants, both table service & counter service, that I want to try and can't try them all in 1 visit!!

So for all of you planning a visit to WDW, don't miss out on reading this guide....It's awesome!!!
Click here to view more details

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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Weekend at Disney - Trip Report part 4

So its Sunday morning and I'm trying to get a little extra sleep!! My legs are killing me, I'm really feeling the pain from all the walking but its time to get up and start packing!

We all packed up, made sure we didn't leave anything behind and headed to the car to drop off all the luggage.  I checked us out while my sister in law put all our bags away!  Then we headed to the market place for breakfast!  The selection wasn't bad at all, baby girl had egg on a fish shaped thin bread with cheese and a tomato slice.  She also had breakfast potato on the side and an apple juice.  I had a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese....very good and filling!

The girls lucked out this morning....a little girl came by our table and gave the girls her balloon because she was flying home and couldn't take the balloon with her.  Baby girl was happy even though she couldn't take the balloon either....she just held it for the few hours we had before going to the airport.

Once we all finished, we headed out to walk around the lake and check out the Boardwalk!

Now it was time to say good bye :( 
My sister-in-law took us to the airport, and as much as I hate leaving Florida, I couldn't wait to get back to Jersey to see my boys.
At the airport we stopped at the Disney store, like we didn't get enough of Disney...LOL

Baby girl was hungry so we got some Burger King for her and Starbucks Iced coffee for me! 

Finally got on board our plane - right on time...
Jersey, here we come - like it or not....LOL!!

Back home in Jersey....greeted hubby and my son like we'd been gone a whole month....LOL!!

I missed my boys but this weekend was wonderful!! Just me and my baby girl in the happiest place on earth!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Weekend at Disney - Trip Report part 3

We had a great time in Epcot and now we were ready for a break and lunch!!! We walked back to our resort and headed upstairs to change into our bathing suits. Now we had some food in our fridge saved from the night before so we ate first then changed.  Now before leaving, our toilet overflowed - ugh!! I ran out of the bathroom to call maintenance.....thankfully maintenance was there in 5 minutes.  The man fixed the toilet in less than 10 minutes and told me that housekeeping would be up shortly to clean up the bathroom and that we didn't have to wait in the room....yay!! Time to hit the pool.  On our way out, we ran into my sister-in-law and niece who were on their way back.  So we went back into the room for them to change and finally we went out to the pool.
The pool was great, now the problem was deciding where to go swimming in this huge pool.  Storm-along Bay was really awesome!  We finally found our spot and jumped in!  The water was warm and the bottom was sand....amazing!!!  The girls definitely had a blast!!!

Now, by 7pm we had to get out of the pool and get dressed to go back to Epcot for the Dessert Party I had to attend with the travel agency.  Besides the Dessert Party we also had private seating for Wishes....I could'nt miss this!  So off we went, but we stopped in France for a chocolate crepe & icecream.  We also stopped in Morocco to check out the stores and take some pictures.  

Then we headed to Canada for our dessert party.  Once we arrived, baby girl had some more icecream, and I had coffee and some cookies!  Then a quick story about the creation of Wishes by Scott Wolf and then fireworks time!!  As always, it was amazing - I love all the Disney fireworks shows, and the private seating was an extra special treat.  

When it was all over, we hung out there for a bit and then made our way back to International Gateway.  I took a few more pictures along the way.

We are back at the resort and we are exhausted!!!  Time for a good night's sleep.....this is our last night here!  Tomorrow morning we are packing up and taking one last stroll before heading out to the airport.


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