A Weekend at Disney - Trip Report 1

Well, sadly this visit to Walt Disney World was only for the weekend and it really went by too quickly!  I had to attend a conference with the travel agency I'm associated with for 1 morning and then had the weekend to ourselves.  Originally we planned for it to be a family getaway but due to a conflict with my son's baseball schedule, it turned into a mother/daughter weekend!
So, Thursday afternoon both my daughter and I boarded our flight to Orlando, FL!

Bye Bye NJ!!

Finally!! Florida!!

When we arrived, we used the Magical Express to get to our hotel, and I have to say it was a great experience.  This was the first time I use Disney's transportation and it wasn't bad at all.  I would definitely use it again!

 Got to see Art of Animation for a quick second before being taken to the Beach Club!

We arrived at the Beach Club a bit before 9pm, we checked in and then headed upstairs.  We changed as quickly as we could and then headed to the pool.  By this time, we only had about 20 minutes left so I didn't jump in.  Baby girl, on the other hand, had a blast in the pool!  Afterwards we made a quick stop in the MarketPlace to grab our souvenir mugs for free refills all weekend!  Then we were back in our room and went back to bed!

Next morning I was up early and prepared for the conference.  It was good and very informative!  I learned things about Disney that I never knew about thanks to Scott Wolf's stories and presentation.  The conference wrapped up a bit after 12, so my daughter and I went back to our rooms to dress a bit warmer!
 rise & shine!!!

 It was surprisingly cold this day so I got back in my jeans & uggs and headed out to the park.  When we get to the bus stop, since we were using Disney transportation, my daughter tells me that she left her sweater upstairs! Ugh!  So, I decide to not waste anymore time, I'd just buy her a new sweater at the park!  Our bus arrives and we board - few minutes later we are arriving at Magic Kingdom!!!
Really didn't think I'd use these on this trip!

 Love the inside walls of Cinderella's Castle
 Gaston's Fountain

 Making our way to Under the Sea :)

 Aaaahhh....time to meet Merida.....so exciting!

 She was very sweet!

 Taking a peek into the Dwarf Mine Train

 The Beast's Castle

 Be Our Guest!!! Wish we could've eaten here 

Now it was time for lunch - it was about 2pm and we were starving!! The line to Be Our Guest was over an 1 hour wait so we moved on.  Lines were so long everywhere we went, but finally with the help of the My Disney Experience App we decided to stop at Friar Nook and baby girl had a hot dog with chips and I had mac & cheese -  I don't know about the hot dog, but the mac & cheese was amazing!!! So cheesy and if felt so good to eat something warm! LOL

After lunch we continued to walk around and explore the new Fantasyland...up next was a stroll through Storybook Circus.  We didn't ride anything as I wanted to just walk and take pics while we waited for our fast pass times!

With My Disney Experience app I was able to select my 3 fastpasses, so I selected Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Princess FairytaleHall.
First up was Pirates of the Caribbean.....this ride is a MUST each and everytime we visit Magic Kingdom!

In between Pirates and Haunted Mansion, we had some more time to kill, so since the carpets of Aladdin didn't have a terrible wait time we got on that!

We still had more time and as I walked I took more pictures and realized that Rapunzel's tower was up ahead!! 

Baby girl loved this part of Magic Kingdom!!

Now it was time to go on the Haunted Mansion... 

When we got off the ride, it was darker and Rapunzel's tower was all lit up!! It looked amazing!

Its a Small world had a 10 minute wait so guess what?

We rode it....LOL, even after my daughter saying that it was boring, she asked to go on! SMH!!

Adios!Goodbye! Ciao!
Well, not quite yet.......

The castle looke absolutely beautiful at night, so a few more pictures before heading to Fairytale Hall

Yes - my daughter was in Heaven!!! Finally met Rapunzel!

Now even though she already had Snow White's autograph from 4 years ago, she couldn't help herself and asked for it again!

1 final stop before heading back to the resort.....


Mickey Chocolate covered Apples!!

Mickey Rice Krispy treats......so many sweets!! Wow!!

Time to catch our bus back to the resort!

My sister in law and niece were meeting us back at the resort to go out to eat dinner.....so we didn't wait for the fireworks!

That's it for now....I'll be back with Part 2 of my weekend trip report!!
Hope you all enjoy part 1!