A Weekend At Disney - Trip Report 2

Our day a Magic Kingdom had come to an end....my sister in law and niece were waiting for us back at the resort so baby girl didn't want to stick around for the fireworks!  We were all hungry so we decided to take a ride to Downtown Disney to have dinner.

We checked the menu at T-Rex but the prices were a little too high for us right now - we were all on a budget and $15 for burger wasn't a good idea!  So we kept walking and found a Pollo Campero and they had very affordable prices so we stopped here.  Baby girl got a 2 pc chicken platter that included french fries, and I got a chicken salad wrap which could have really served 2 people - it was huge!  Total cost including our drink was $19.99, not too bad and since my wrap was so big, I save half of it for lunch the next day!  We finished eating stopped at Harley Davidson - I got my hubby a shirt and we went back to the resort.  It was a very cold night - I was very happy to be back at the resort where I put up the heat....LOL!

The next morning I was up early since we had all day to enjoy and the park of choice today was Epcot!  I had also promised baby girl that if the weather was warm, I would come back to the resort in the afternoon so she can go swimming.
We got dressed and out to we went to get on the boat that takes us to Epcot!  I was able to see more of the resort and I loved it all....absolutely beautiful!!

We entered Epcot through International Gateway between United Kingdom and France!  The park looked so peaceful as we walked in.....It had just opened so there wasn't much of a crowd.  We decided to start with Future World and visit the Living Seas first, so off we went to see Nemo and Crush!!  But first we saw that the Character Spot had no wait, so we stopped to see Mickey, Minnie and Goofy....then we continued.

When we finished having our fun with Crush, Nemo and all their under sea friends, we made our way to Mission Space.  Baby girl and I had never been on this ride!  The last time we were here, she was too small to ride so I stayed behind with her while hubby & my son rode it.  I remember them saying it was awesome, so I had to ride it now.  I promised her it wouldn't be bad - we even went on the green side....she was still nervous.  Ofcourse it was fun & as soon as the ride was over she asked to ride it again :/ LOL - she loved it!! The wait for green was still at 5 minutes so we got in line again!!!

Tinkerbell Topiary

A snack before blasting off into space.....giant chocolate chip cookie!

Happier about the 2nd ride!!

Well....this was lots of fun but time to walk some more......

Now I'm sure you've already noticed all the flowers and beautiful topiaries plus if you are a Disney Parks fan you also know that I am visiting during the Flower & Garden Festival.  Everything looks so beautiful!!
Here are some more pictures I took before we got on Test Track!

Now time to get on Test Track!

Here is baby girl's creation:

Here she scanned her magic band to upload her car and we boarded our car...

Here we go......

Test Track was awesome and we would've ridden it again had it not been a 70 minute wait

More Epcot pics before finding the line to mee Elsa and Ana

and now we wait....

and wait....

quick glimpse but still wait....

and wait....

almost there.....

finally!!! Ana and Elsa!!!

3 hours waiting for Ana & Elsa - exhausting & boring
Finally meeting them & seeing baby girl's smile - PRICELESS!!

Now we we walk the rest of the countries to walk back to the Beach Club for some pool time...

On our way out, we met up with an unexpected character.....Wendy!!!
Yay - we had never met her!!!!

Now to relax at the pool!!!

More in part 3!