A Weekend at Disney - Trip Report part 4

So its Sunday morning and I'm trying to get a little extra sleep!! My legs are killing me, I'm really feeling the pain from all the walking but its time to get up and start packing!

We all packed up, made sure we didn't leave anything behind and headed to the car to drop off all the luggage.  I checked us out while my sister in law put all our bags away!  Then we headed to the market place for breakfast!  The selection wasn't bad at all, baby girl had egg on a fish shaped thin bread with cheese and a tomato slice.  She also had breakfast potato on the side and an apple juice.  I had a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese....very good and filling!

The girls lucked out this morning....a little girl came by our table and gave the girls her balloon because she was flying home and couldn't take the balloon with her.  Baby girl was happy even though she couldn't take the balloon either....she just held it for the few hours we had before going to the airport.

Once we all finished, we headed out to walk around the lake and check out the Boardwalk!

Now it was time to say good bye :( 
My sister-in-law took us to the airport, and as much as I hate leaving Florida, I couldn't wait to get back to Jersey to see my boys.
At the airport we stopped at the Disney store, like we didn't get enough of Disney...LOL

Baby girl was hungry so we got some Burger King for her and Starbucks Iced coffee for me! 

Finally got on board our plane - right on time...
Jersey, here we come - like it or not....LOL!!

Back home in Jersey....greeted hubby and my son like we'd been gone a whole month....LOL!!

I missed my boys but this weekend was wonderful!! Just me and my baby girl in the happiest place on earth!!!!