Almost there.....

OK - so I can barely contain the excitement!!! 2 more days and I'll be on a plane to sunny Orlando, FL and best of all - staying at a Walt Disney World Resort!!! Woohoo!!! Its been way too long.   Now its not all fun and games, I'm actually heading down there for a conference with the travel agency that I am affiliated with.  Its not bad, give work a few hours and then I have 2 days of fun!  Really not a bad deal - oh and did I mention I'll be staying at Disney's Beach Club....ooooh, I can't wait!!
So this is great and you'd think nothing can bring me down, but there is one thing.  You see, my family was supposed to join me on this trip and after everything was booked I find out that my son's highschool baseball tryouts are this weekend! Ugh!!!  Ofcourse he isn't missing that so I had to cancel his flight.  Then after several discussions, we felt bad leaving him here with just his grandmother, so my hubby is staying too :(
Now we have to make the best of it and I couldn't cancel the entire trip this late because I'd lose my money - so now instead of a family getaway, this will be our first ever mommy-daughter weekend getaway :) (Nice way to turn a negative into a positive..LOL)
My daughter is ecstatic!!!  I'm also looking forward to it - I'm sure we'll have a blast and being that it is only 3 days, I think its more than enough time for us to enjoy!
Yes, I will miss my boys terribly - I don't ever remember taking a trip without them both but I guess its time to start learning how to do just that.  As my son gets older, I have to face the harsh fact that soon he won't be going on every vacation with us.  He'll have his own schedule and won't be able to drop everything for us. I just hope when the time comes, we can atleast plan 1 family vacation and keep that tradition going no matter how old my kids get!
Another fact that has come out of this is that I like the sound of a mommy-daughter weekend, and as my daughter also grows older, I hope to keep this an ongoing tradition.  It won't always have to be Florida, but I should try to take one weekend every year for my daughter and I to getaway - just the 2 of us!!
We'll see the outcome of this weekend - I am a bit nervous, but so excited!!!