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Honoring our Heroes

15 Years of Being a Mom!

So its Sunday, just another Sunday....oh wait - its Mother's Day!! Well, it is just another day right after all the "Happy Mother's Day Mom" and little surprises that my daughter makes me!  My son is 15 and doesn't make me all the cutesy little Mother's day crafts that he used to so now its all up to my baby girl :)
Hubby will make breakfast.....but that is our normal weekend routine anyway!

We'll probable head out somewhere - nothing planned yet, but I'll write about that later.  Right now I just feel like looking back on my last 15 years of being a mom.

 Best day of my life, the moment it was changed forever!!!  My baby boy - lots of good times, with some tantrums thrown in every once in a while 

 Here I am doing it all over again......welcoming my baby girl to the world!

 a glimpse of the annoying son refusing to take a pic, aaaaahhhhhh  But overall its been a wonderful 15 years and I look forward to many more!! I love my kids - yes t…

Happy Mothers Day!!!

My Fixes with Stitch Fix!

I discovered Stitch Fix after reading a review on another blog I follow and was curious about it so I signed up for my first fix. I had to complete an online profile, select my size, describe my style & make any exclusions and within a couple of weeks I received my package with some awesome pieces! I was skeptical at first but when I saw what my stylist put together, I was in love!

Needless to say, I have continued the service. Have not purchased all of my fixes but almost all. Here is a recap:

Fix#1:  I don't have many pics of my first fix because I forgot!
 These jeans were so cute and they fit perfect!! The jacket is one of my faves~I wear it all the time!
This fix also included a pair of really cute earrings, a sheer black and cream top and a sleeveless white top.  I kept all pieces!!!
Fix#2: I liked everything in this next fix but I didn't LOVE it!  This clothes is a bit more than I would normally spend on clothing so if I am not absolutely thrilled with the ite…