15 Years of Being a Mom!

So its Sunday, just another Sunday....oh wait - its Mother's Day!! Well, it is just another day right after all the "Happy Mother's Day Mom" and little surprises that my daughter makes me!  My son is 15 and doesn't make me all the cutesy little Mother's day crafts that he used to so now its all up to my baby girl :)
Hubby will make breakfast.....but that is our normal weekend routine anyway!

We'll probable head out somewhere - nothing planned yet, but I'll write about that later.  Right now I just feel like looking back on my last 15 years of being a mom.

 Best day of my life, the moment it was changed forever!!!
 My baby boy - lots of good times, with some tantrums thrown in every once in a while 

 Here I am doing it all over again......welcoming my baby girl to the world!

 a glimpse of the annoying times....my son refusing to take a pic, aaaaahhhhhh
 But overall its been a wonderful 15 years and I look forward to many more!! I love my kids - yes they like to challenge me, question me, push my buttons but on the days that they behave and act so lovable and affectionate with me - all else is forgotten! LOL.....I adore my kids and can't imagine my life without them!!
I am very proud to be their mom!!!

Now I would like to take this part of my post to thank some special women in my life that have made me the woman, daughter, grandaughter, sister, wife and mother that I have become!

First up my mom!  We've had our issues but I love you like no other!

My grandma on my dad's side - I adore this woman.  She taught me well and spoiled me all at the same time :)

Had to add another pic of my mom, this time with my 2 younger sisters!

My grandma from my mom's side - another strong woman who also taught me many things including the value of family

and finally, my stepmom - she came into my life when I was 9, and although a bit rocky at first, she has become a wonderful mother figure and great friend in my life!

Thank you to my grandmothers, aunts(who I failed to include here but love you both just as much), and my moms ~ I am blessed to have you all in my life!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!


Happy Mother's Day to all my follower/readers!!!