My Fixes with Stitch Fix!

I discovered Stitch Fix after reading a review on another blog I follow and was curious about it so I signed up for my first fix. I had to complete an online profile, select my size, describe my style & make any exclusions and within a couple of weeks I received my package with some awesome pieces! I was skeptical at first but when I saw what my stylist put together, I was in love!

Needless to say, I have continued the service. Have not purchased all of my fixes but almost all. Here is a recap:

Fix#1:  I don't have many pics of my first fix because I forgot!

 These jeans were so cute and they fit perfect!!
The jacket is one of my faves~I wear it all the time!

This fix also included a pair of really cute earrings, a sheer black and cream top and a sleeveless white top.  I kept all pieces!!!

Fix#2: I liked everything in this next fix but I didn't LOVE it!  This clothes is a bit more than I would normally spend on clothing so if I am not absolutely thrilled with the items, I'm not buying!

 Love seeing these boxes come in :)
 The scarf was pretty
 This top was cute, but fit a bit snug and I have another one very similar to this one
 I love cardigans and at first really liked this one, but after I tried it on I thought it was too much leopard print for me!
 This skirt almost made it, I loved the pattern but then realized I don't wear skirts as much so it wasn't worth spending the money on it!
 Now back to the scarf ~ ummmm, don't think so....
and here was the winner!!  It's different and something nice to add to a simple top!  By the way, the earring I have on here are from my 1st fix!

Fix# 3: This fix was another hit!!! As much as I know that I should not spend the money, I do need to change up my wardrobe and I just couldn't pick one or two - they were all keepers!

 This cardigan has become a fave!! I LOVE IT!!
 This top and the one below are super cute!! Can't wait for the weather to warm up more so I can use them regularly!  I loved the fit, style and color on both!!

This dress screams Spring and I loved it!!  I loved it so much that I wore it on Easter Sunday!  The necklace I'm wearing here was also part of this fix and it goes really well with this dress.

Fix# 4:  This was another hit!!  I think I have a shopping problem :/

 This green top is great and adds more color to my dark wardrobe - love it!!  The jeans were also great!! 
 This top was very cute too and went very well with the jeans!
 I also love this cardigan!!! 
This scarf also made it since it was smaller, went nice with several things in my closet!!

I decided to skip this month's fix, but I have rescheduled it for next month.  That's the beauty of this service!  Keep what you want, return the rest and only recieve a fix when you want - it doesn't have to be a monthly commitment!  Ready to try it out?  I highly recommend this service so go check them out for yourself: Stitch Fix.

If you have a clothing/style board on Pinterest, provide a link to it on your customer profile so your stylist can refer to it to get a better idea of your style!!

Can't wait for my next fix!!

*This post contains affiliate links but I did not recieve any comensation to provide my opinion.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.