Eat to Live!!!

Well, here we are another Monday and another day for me to struggle with my meals and weight loss.  I tried Herbal Life a few months back but couldn't stick to it.  I just couldn't do 2 shakes a day along with the tea - it just didn't work for me so on to the next.  I gained weight after that and haven't really done much until recently.
One of the baseball moms told me about a book, "Eat to Live" and she asked me if I'd be willing to try this lifestyle change with her.  I was and am worried about being able to keep up an all vegetable & fruit diet but I told her I'd do it and take it day to day.  I won't commit 6 weeks - so I started last Monday.  It wasn't easy, and Monday I even went to bed hungry but as the days went by it got better and easier.  Ofcourse the weekend was a disaster, but that's ok!  I'm back on it today.

All I eat are fruits and veggies (greens, beans).  I just need to use the cookbook that goes with this book to get more meal ideas - I do get bored of eating the same thing every day!

If you are looking for a healthier way of eating, I highly recommend this book.  Its not only for weight loss, it is a full lifestyle change!  Dr. Furhman highly believes that eating a plant based diet is very effective in preventing diseases and staying healthy.

So far I'm doing good - lost 3 pounds the first week.  Here I start my second week - anyone want to join me?

6/4: 177

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