Happy July 4th Weekend!!!

A bit late but hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July!!  We spent it at a friend's house and watched the fireworks on tv - for us it really is the best view!

I've been so busy with my son's baseball season that I haven't much time for anything else!  Every weekend since last month has been baseball, and this will continue through the end of July.  At times we do get tired, and I hate seeing my house turned upside down, but I'm enjoying every minute.  We probably only have this summer & the next with these baseball games as my son only has 2 years left in highschool.  Everything will change once he's in college so I am enjoying every minute of this crazy schedule right now.

Both kids finished school & moved on to the next grade, baby girl finished up her dance classes and will attend 2 weeks of dance camp.  My son has continued to play ball - HS and now travel on 2 teams!  This should be a great summer.

As much as I am enjoying our baseball weekends - I am also looking forward to August!  Baby girl's birthday celebration, a baseball showcase and VACATION!!!!! I've already started planning our vacation - we will be driving to Florida, stopping in NC to see my newborn nephew and continue on our way to see my FL family!!!  I may be adding some surprises along the way - and I'll be sure to report it here!  This should be a great vacation - as long as the weather cooperates.  I am taking my 2 nieces and nephew along - this will be their first trip to Florida, so I can't wait to get them there!  This will be a vacation to remember!

OK - this is it for now.  I gotta get back to cleaning my daughter's room - it is a disaster in there!