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Half Way thru the Summer!!!

We are in August and I don't feel like we have had a summer to enjoy! Baseball took up the whole first half, but I'm not complaining (much)! Its been fun, and I love that it keeps my son busy & moving during these weeks....if it wasn't for baseball, he would be tied to his xbox 24/7!

He played with his travel team, NJ Yankees, every weekend and when he had time he would join the town team, WNY Tigers!  The Yankees did a good job, and the Tigers did an even better job!  They made it to the Regionals tournament in NY by winning the State tournament.  They almost didn't get there, thanks to the town claiming it had no funds in the budget to send the boys to Troy, NY for the Regionals.  These boys teamed up and exercised their freedom to stand up for what is right, in a peaceful manner.  They gathered in front of town hall waiting to speak with the Mayor, who wouldn't come out to face these boys who worked very hard all summer to get to where they did.  This is a s…