Cars....oh Boy - Hubby's Favorite Pastime!

Its been a few days but we've already had so much fun with the family - gone swimming, gone to the mall, went to the beach and went on a boat ride.  There was one thing we did, which totally slipped my mind, that really made hubby's vacation - went to a car show.  Now, this wasn't a big car show, but anytime there are old cars around - you can bet hubby will stop!  This time he had a partner who enjoyed it as much as he did - my dad.  

So we all jumped in the car and went to this shopping center where the show was being held.

Hope you all enjoy these cars.......

Can't turn down Italian ice on a hot summer day....

I do have to admit, I also enjoy the car shows, even though I'm not a big fan of all the old cars, they really are beautiful!!!