A Date at Yankee Stadium :)

I really must say that this Fall has passed by me in a blink of an eye - WOW!!  There's been so much going on in our lives that I haven't been able to keep up.

Well, I finally finished telling you all about my family Summer Vacation - but as soon as we got back it was back to business as usual.  Days filled with practices, school, work, doctor appointments & dance classes!!

Luckily, hubby promised me we'd go to a Yankee game this year since it was The Captain's last year!  I had to see Jeter out on that field atleast one more time before he was gone!  So on September 20th we headed to the Bronx for a mommy & daddy day, LOL!!  It was a nice break from all the chaos.

This was my first trip to the new Yankee Stadium, I only wish we would've gotten here earlier so I could have taken more pics.

Before leaving we stopped at the museum 

Loved looking at all the items they had on display! All the old uniforms, equipment and ofcourse the rings & trophies - Amazing!!

Hard work pays off - I hope my kids learn this!!
Farewell Captain!!

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