Re-Living the Past 2 Months ~ Part 2

November is here and normally I'd be panicking but, since I began my Christmas shopping early and already had an idea of all the gifts I needed to get - I was ok!
I also knew that I wouldn't be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year as we were planning to go to Florida and spend it with family - so I made no plans for Thanksgiving dinner!! Thank God we didn't have to cancel this trip...hehehehe!!

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were just filled with work, shopping and more work.  My birthday was very low key - although I share my birthday with a coworker and the girls in the office got us balloons, cupcakes and our boss treated us to lunch - Yum!!

Then that night - hubby and the kids took my out for dinner at Outback!!
OMG, I ate way too much - but I did enjoy the time with friends and my family!

The weekend before Thanksgiving was spent packing and making sure everything here was in order before we jumped in our car to take that 1230 mile long car ride!! Ugh - why didn't I buy airline tickets earlier - SMH!!  I also decided to put up our Christmas tree, that way it was one less thing to do when we got back and my daughter would be happy that Ken will be here before our trip!

And here is Ken - crash landed into our tree....LOL

Anyway, by Tuesday night after work we were on our way to Sunny Florida!!!  We were excited and thought we were being smart by leaving this night instead of Wednesday - a storm was approaching and we knew most people would be traveling on Wednesday - so hey, we got a headstart. Oh boy were we wrong!!!!  First traffic jam was as soon as we jumped on the NJ Turnpike - then in Delaware - some poor driver hit a deer and destroyed his car -- the traffic continued every couple of miles.  I guess we weren't the only ones with the same idea of heading out on Tuesday night!

By 11pm we were in VA and decided to stop and sleep - we were exhausted!!! The next morning we were up at 5am and downstairs to enjoy our free breakfast by 6am.

It had rained the night before and the morning looked cold & muggy too, but we were on our way!

My sleepy heads, each had their own row all to themselves - thank God for SUV's!

South of the Border - now we are getting there!!! 

My job follows me....

Clear blue skies - YAY!!!


And another Salson truck.....

We finally arrived at my dad's house sometime late that afternoon - I was so tired but so excited to see my family, especially my grandparents!!

This is the first Thanksgiving I've spent with them since I was 8 years old!!

We went to bed soon after arriving - needed to rest and prepare for the next day!!

Thanksgiving day was great!  Spent the day at my dad's surrounded by family.  My sisters cooked up a storm and everything was delicious!!

Getting the turkey ready to be cooked...

sweet potato casserole in the making.....

the kids having lunch...

grandpa singing us a song....

Kids adding twigs and branches to the fire pit

corn casserole ready for the oven....

Finally - the finished product!!

someone couldn't wait anymore.....

We spent 2 more days here, just relaxing, did a little shopping and just enjoyed being with family.

Sunday morning came too soon and it was time to head home.

stopped at South of the Border this time - Ugh, I'm so tired of driving!

This road trip was the longest ever!! It took us 21 hours - Holiday travel is the worst - we will be flying next time!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!!