Re-Living the past 2 months!!

1 week and 2014 is over!! I've been away from here for a bit since I barely have time to sit & relax for 20 minutes.  Things are improving though, and hopefully soon I'll have a schedule where I make time for everything!
As I sit here organizing my pictures from the past few months, I realize that we really did have a great Fall even though there was no baseball.  See my son kept complaining about his elbow, so after a visit to the orthopedic he was shut down after only 2 games into the Fall season.  He was scheduled for physical therapy sessions and we went on to plan our Fall picking, pumpkin picking, prepare for a recital and Thanksgiving!

Apple picking came first and we went to Wightman's farm.  It was a great day and there were several selections to choose from.

 We had so many apples, I made apple sauce, apple pie and still had apples left over.  A couple weeks later it was pumpkin picking time.  We went to our usual place in Lafayette, NJ; Ideal Farms.
We love this place, and we have tried others but then come right back here!

I love this view.....

so many pumpkins, but finally we found some we liked

then it was off to Lunch at Chatterbox!!  Another spot we always have lunch at right after pumpkin picking! It's a must!!  Awesome burgers & shakes!

Now that we are closer to the end of the month, its time for baby girl's annual dance recital!

This is a time full of different emotions-happiness, stress, craziness and pure joy!  It costs me more money than I'd like to spend, I go crazy trying to organize everything-I double and triple check everything to make sure that nothing is forgotten, and then when the day is finally here - I stress each time there is a wardrobe change but feel so proud and happy to see my daughter and son up on that stage dancing!! I get to see how much they have improved and know that the year's worth of dance classes are worth every penny!

It was a great time and my kids did a great job!!

So now its time for Halloween.....and baby girl was the only one to dress up this year.
She was Madeline Hatter from Ever After High...

Well, that's a wrap for to prep for the Holidays!!!