Wrapping up 2014!!

Well --- Happy New Year everyone!!  Hope 2015 brings you all Health, Wealth & Happiness, I know I'm definitely looking forward to a more peaceful and healthier 2015!

Now, I just want to briefly want to wrap up December - which came and went faster than I could blink!!

We came back from Florida to get back into the full swing of things - finishing up Physical Therapy sessions for my son, get a follow up with his orthopoedic to see if he has the ok to go back to working out and finishing up with all the Christmas preparation.

Oh & I almost forgot - getting ready for a special Christmas performance that my daughter's dance academy was having in the town middle school.  She had to dance her 2 parts in the Nutcracker and it was beautiful!!  But before her performance in the Nutcracker, we treated her to a trip to Lincoln Center in NYC to see George Balanchine's The Nutcracker.  It was a beautiful performance - WOW!!  Would be amazing to see my daughter there someday!

And now for her school's rendition of the Nutcracker........

It was an awesome performance - all the girls were wonderful and my princess did an amazing job as usual :)

Now, time to focus on Christmas -

We spent Christmas Eve at home, just the 4 of us and had a nice traditional Noche Buena dinner.  Then we exchanged gifts.....

got these cookies in the oven for Santa...

quick family pic (some people weren't in the mood)

then first gifts were my kids exchanging with each other...

then gifts from mom & dad - can you tell how excited she is!

my son shows less excitement!

and I totally forgot about the cookies in the oven, so Santa had some burnt cookies....oops!

Goodnight all....time for bed & wait for Santa

this year, it didn't take long to wait - Santa delivered around 2 hours after we went to bed & my little princess wasn't 100% asleep - so at 12:30AM she decided to go to the bathroom and take a peek in the living room only to find that Santa had delivered!!! UGH - her dad was watching tv at the time so they woke me up and called my son (who wasn't sleeping either-too busy playing video games) and they opened up their gifts!

Andy observing all the commotion....waiting to see something he can play with

After all this, it was almost 2AM, so I went back to bed and left everyone to their gifts.  Baby girl eventually went to bed at 3AM.
When we all woke up again later in the morning the kids opened their gifts from family and spent the entire day playing with their new things.
Baby girl will miss Ken, her elf on the shelf, but we know we'll see him again!

I lounged ALL Day in my PJ's - best way to spend Christmas day!!!

Well, that's it for my 2014

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Holiday Season

I'm ready for 2015!!