Bath & Body Goodies!!!

I love sales as I'm sure you all do too!!  So, when Bath & Body had their after Christmas sale, I went shopping!!  I originally ordered 3 body washes and 3 of the large 3 wick candles online, but when the package came in; 2 of the 3 candles were destroyed.  Not good!!  Fortunately, I was able to go to the store and exchange them.

The plan was to just grab another 2 candles - but that would be too easy!  No, me being me decided to "look around".  My looking cost me but I think I got some good deals!

I'm always looking for things to make my car smell good, so when I saw these clips at the store - I had to try them out!

I got these 2 on clearance - I'll be saving these for next Fall and Winter!

I only picked up 1 candle - since I grabbed so many other things.
I'm loving this scent - I burn it ever time I'm working on my laptop since I keep it on my desk.

These 2 smelled really nice - I haven't used them yet as I'm still going through 1 of the 3 bottles I purchased online

This is the first time I bought this lotion, but I liked that it was a travel sized lotion, so this will be in my little cosmetic case that goes everywhere with me.

I also decided to try Bath & Body's hand soap.  I usually just buy soft soap from Target, but I loved that these foam and they have these cute holders.  
So, I now have it in my bathroom and so far love it!  I will definitely be going back to try some other scents.

Love the way it looks in its holder!

I'll be back to Bath & Body soon to stock up on more candles, hand soap & more!!