Finding Things to Do During the Winter!!

Well....I'm late in posting my stories and activities but I will catch up!!

We've had what seems like a very long winter and never ending snow - I'm really tired of it and they are saying we are getting more this Friday - ugh.
Anyway, I don't like snow so I avoid it as much as I can.  Which means I stay home a lot during the winter but my hubby can't stand being home all the time.  So when events like the Hunting/Outdoor Sports expo, RV expos and pet expos come around - we are there!!

First one was the outdoor sports expo and it was so much fun.  I don't do any outdoor sports/hunting but my hubby does and we enjoy attending this expo.

We get to see animals, boats, hunting stuff and RV's so it is awesome!!

the neverending snow....

this is my daughter's favorite part....

checking out the RV's is my favorite part, this is my dream to own one some day

A couple weeks later we were back to check out the pet expo....

Being able to get in a cage to hand feed parakeets was awesome!

then she was able to pet one of the dogs that had just performed several tricks

These are great ways for us to spend our snowy Sundays.  Its indoors and takes us out of the house for a little while.

What do you do during long winters?