Compilation of March Shopping Hauls!

I go shopping multiple times each week and I always want to share but don't always have the time!  So, here is a compilation of my shopping hauls from March!  Lots of Target shopping, some Walmart, Walgreen and more.

First up was my order from Erin Condren:

I've been debating whether or not to buy the Life Planner, but since I put together my own planner for 2015, I have decided to wait until 2016 for the Life Planner.  The itch to buy something from Erin Condren was still there and couldn't wait until 2016 - so I was checking out her website and OMG - I couldn't decide!  I love everything~shopaholic problems!!

I finally decided on the carry all - I can use if for so many things!! I also ordered the planner bands to use with my existing planner!  And a few weeks later......Here it is!!!

Loved all the free cards & stickers I got!

The carry all is great!! Right now I'm using it to hold my journal and pens in my bedside table.  Keeping it in here makes it easy to grab and go, especially when we go away and I want to bring it along.

Here I picked up this little container that was filled with Q-tips - perfect for travel!! You'll never guess why I bought it!!!  LOL - Mickey & Minnie - how can I not buy it!
This is tucked away in my travel bin just waiting for our next trip.

On one of my Target trips, I came out of there with several things!  Most of them were for our dental hygiene - there was something for every member of the family.  
I also picked up a movie for baby girl and an EOS lip balm for me.

I also picked up a new set of towel hair wraps 

and I saw this back scrub so I had to have it!

Also picked up some shampoo & deodorant for hubby, a refill of my dish soap, travel facial tissue, a hair cream I saw on clearance and decided to try and ofcourse some medication as I am battling a head cold.

I got some more pasta, a much needed extension cord.....

and paper plates.  That's it for Target, atleast for now.

I also visit BJ's often and in one particular trip I finally decided to get myself a label maker.  Now since I finally got my label maker, I decided to walk over to Staples and pick up some file folders to get my organization project under way.

Aside from shopping at stores, I also placed a few orders in March - 
One order was from Sephora...

I heard about this natural deodorant from a vlogger I follow on You Tube and decided to try it.  I must say that I really did like it!  Its pricey, so I may not buy it regularly but I really did like it.

I was offered a free sample choice so I chose the Henriksen Eye Gel - I'm still using it, really like it.

I've been wanting some Urban Decay for some time now, so I chose this palette.  So far, I'm very happy with it.

I also got this Formula X blue nail polish as a sample.  I like the color but it chipped rather quickly - so I'm not too happy with it.

I also placed an order from Nordstrom after seeing that they sold the Clarisonic.  I learned about this from Organized like Jen and decided to check it out.  I'm so glad I did - it is amazing.  I don't think my skin has ever been as clean as it is now.  This really removes all makeup and leaves my skin feeling very clean.
I highly recommend this product!

Every other Saturday, we have to take our son to his chiropractor for an adjustment.  While we were there, I decided to stop at the only mall near me that has a Lush store.
and here is what I got.....

Love this bath bomb....smells amazing

the lip scrub is wonderful and the lip balm is so moisturizing

this is the first time I try the face & body scrub....I have to say that it was a good choice! Love it.

So here is our box for baby girl and one for me!

The bubble bar is huge so I cut it in quarters to get 4 uses out of it.

Can't wait to use these conditioner samples :)

During this same trip, I stopped in to lululemon and got myself new running crops and a new water bottle.

We also stopped at girl LOVES this you can see....

she picked out 2 new headbands...

these headbands have great grip to avoid them from slipping off her head

she also picked out 2 shorts for dance class, this one has grips so the leg part won't move

the other ones were reversible - awesome!

Now this was more for fun - her very first beach bag with matching accessory bag...

So cute I wanted it for me :) 

My next mail order was from MAC.  The Cinderella line looked so nice but sadly I missed the launch, so by the time I ordered, it was almost all gone.

I've already tried all 3 products and loved them all.

My next purchase was another Nordstrom purchase.
I bought 2 new Urban Decay make up brushes, the blender sponge, the Naked 3 pallette and the Shiseido facial cotton 

this brush is wonderful!

Love both of these pallettes!  They are the colors I love.

the beauty blender is great....I love the way it blends my foundation.

Yea - I am really enjoying doing my makeup right now!

Well, that's all for now - aside from any necessities.  I have had a few more shopping hauls for April, but we'll get there some other time.