Target: My Money Trap!!!

Hi All - I've been having a hard time dedicating time to writing but I'm still working on it. My 2015 goal is to have a new post atleast once a week-it is definitely a work in progress!

Anyway - this post is about my biggest money trap - TARGET!!  I don't know what it is, but I must stop there atleast twice a week and never come out without spending less than $50 - so bad!

So my first trip last week was only for vitamins and a box of Luna Bars.  Somehow I managed to buy several other things - some I really did need others not so much.

As I was perusing the aisles, I remembered that I needed plastic utensils for work, then I came across the clearance shelf and saw these cute binder clips - so I grabbed them.  I went on to get my vitamins and Luna Bars and remembered I also wanted a brush to wash my cups and a tub stopper.  I grabbed those and saw the cutest tooth brush holder!! It screamed Spring and it was open making it east to clean - mine was a permanently closed cup style and there was no way for me to really clean the inside so this little Spring Owl holder was perfect!  This inspired me to grab a few more Spring items - so I picked up a dish towel set for my kitchen with a cute bunny in the front and I got window clings which I placed on our bathroom mirror.  We live on a third floor so it makes no sense putting them on our windows; no one would see them!  Then I went by the women's clothes and got myself a few basic tank tops and shirts - these are always useful.  The last stop was the beauty aisle and I saw the Sally Hansen Miracle gel polishes - so I got myself one in the color Street Flair along with the top coat and also got a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Blush over Hue.  I haven't tried them yet, but hopefully this weekend I will.  While I was in this section, i picked up cotton rounds and nail polish remover.   Think I got enough - 98% of this stuff was not planned :/

A few days later I stopped in to buy file folders - and I walked out with a new mop (which I did need), Neutrogena make up remover wipes and more office stuff (file folders, hanging folders, binder,push pins, giant paperclips and post its).

So yea - I have a problem, I know but everything will be put to good use - they weren't planned purchases but were all put to good use!

Anyone else has this problem at Target?  I would love to hear from you - if not at Target - then where?  I do love shopping everywhere, its just at Target where I easily lose track of how much I spend!