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Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi All! It sure has been a while but I'm working to get on here regularly, so I will start with my weekend wrap up!

We had a very uneventful weekend~didn't have any plans but it still was a nice and relaxing 3 day weekend.  Saturday started out like any other Saturday.  We dropped Baby Girl off at dance and we were supposed to go jogging but hubby decided to buy me a bicycle.  He already has one, so he's been dying to get me one so we can go riding together.  So, we went to Walmart and I picked one out.

Then we came back home to pick up the bike rack & hubby's bike then headed down to the waterfront to ride.  I must say that I was a bit terrified to get back on, although I didn't tell hubby yet.  We parked, and he got my bike off the rack first and I told him I was going to ride around the parking lot to get some practice.  It's been 24 years since I've been on a bike so I was definitely rusty. I started to pedal and every time I tried to put my other l…

Memorial Day~Remembering All Who Served

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today is our day!! Without us so many things would never get done but we tend to not do much for ourselves.  Always too busy to do something fun or relaxing for ourselves - so today lets take a break from it all and truly enjoy the day!
Do whatever your hearts desire!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day with your families!