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19 Years of Wedded Bliss!!!

Ahhhh.....yes, 19 years!! Wow!!

I really meant for this post to go up yesterday but as always life and extreme sleepiness got in the way.  Yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary~as usual we did nothing to celebrate.  We've never really done anything special for this day, although a few months ago I had thought of going away for the weekend.  That was quickly changed when I realized how much traveling we'd be doing for my son's baseball travel.  So, our weekend getaway is on hold - again!!  LOL, that's ok - eventually we'll get it.

Yesterday was a typical day in our lives - except that it was pouring so we had absolutely no activities after work.  I got home, cooked, finished up some work and went to bed!  Oh, and I've been trying to clean up my son's laptop - he got a trojan and it has been impossible to clear out!  His computer is running slow and his games won't work so he is currently going nuts! LOL - my life - I love it!!

Maybe, we'll get …