Fun Crazy Busy Weekends ~ VA Sports Complex

So to continue my Fun, Crazy, Busy Weekend series, now I go to our weekend in VA.  This was for the Dynamic Best in Class 6/25-6/28.  This would be the Aces first tournament of the season and we were really looking forward to this weekend.  But ofcourse, with our jobs we can't just take off when we want so our son headed down with friends and we went down the following day. We did miss the first games, but got to see the next two-one of which my son pitched :) Yes....proud mama over here!!

The weekend wasn't great thanks to the weather.  The boys did get most of their games in, but we got rained out the next day.  After some discussions and some disgruntled parents, we were packed up and headed back home to Jersey!  I would've liked to have seen them go on, but nobody can control mother nature!!  I'm just glad we left when we did - there was hail and tornado warnings all over.  I can deal with a hurricane, I guess because you are warned and have a chance to get to a safer place, but tornadoes terrify me!! 

This was our last weekend of June!  Stay tuned for a couple more weekend trips we enjoyed in July!!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!