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College Search & Baseball

The search is on!! My son is a senior and he kept putting the college search off until he couldn't anymore.  So now we have been looking up local schools and setting up visits.  We've also been looking for affordable showcase events or baseball clinics so these college coaches can see him in action, since his goal is to play college baseball.
Let me tell you....this isn't easy at all!!  It's expensive, so sadly, I can't afford to sign him up for all the showcases that are out there.  So far he attended 1 clinic at his first choice college - and we are hoping that not only do they like him, but that he gets accepted!  I'm not sure if I'll be able to sign him up for any others, but I will try.  It is really the only way these coaches will get to see him and possibly recruit him.
We are still working on visiting other schools, but so far his first choice is Montclair State University and I have to admit, it is a very nice campus and perfect location.  He'…

Bath & Body Works Shopping

Fall is in the air and I'm ready to start wearing boots, scarfs, jeans and comfy sweaters!  Another thing I love about the Fall is all the scents of the season.  So when I saw that Bath & Body was having another sale on their candles and bath products, I had to go shopping!

First I selected 4 3-wick candles in Salty Caramel, Cinnamon & Clove Buds, Leaves and Autumn.

I also stocked up on new shower gels and a new fragrance mist, and they smell so nice!!

I also picked up wallflower wall plug and 2 sets of refills....Finally decided to give these a try. So far, I'm happy with the way my kitchen is smelling

Since it is Fall, I decided to get some Fall themed Candle sleeves and here they are. Love them, especially the pumpkin sleeve.

This year my decorating will be very minimal, so these candles will have to do for now.
I think I've stocked up well for the Fall, but now I'm really looking forward to the next sale to stock up on the new Winter/Christmas Scents.  

Fun Crazy Busy Weekends~It's Over!

Well, our busy baseball weekends are over but we still have a few weekends left in August to enjoy!  We spent the rest of the weekends with friends and just us 4 doing what we love - hanging out and going down the shore!
One weekend we had a girls sleep over~Fun!!

With some pool time the next day :)

We still made time to work out~I am training for a half marathon (what was I thinking!)

Squeezed in some back to school shopping.....

Shore moments.....these are the best times!!

Making our workouts fun by bike riding, love riding here at Libert State Park!

Had to stop here at the 9/11 Memorial for all the New Jersey residents who lost their lives that day

Another day at the shore - first time I rode the swings, EVER!! 

It wasn't bad, LOL
Feeding geese while big brother works on his pitching

Another day at the shore with friends!