College Search & Baseball

The search is on!! My son is a senior and he kept putting the college search off until he couldn't anymore.  So now we have been looking up local schools and setting up visits.  We've also been looking for affordable showcase events or baseball clinics so these college coaches can see him in action, since his goal is to play college baseball.
Let me tell you....this isn't easy at all!!  It's expensive, so sadly, I can't afford to sign him up for all the showcases that are out there.  So far he attended 1 clinic at his first choice college - and we are hoping that not only do they like him, but that he gets accepted!  I'm not sure if I'll be able to sign him up for any others, but I will try.  It is really the only way these coaches will get to see him and possibly recruit him.
We are still working on visiting other schools, but so far his first choice is Montclair State University and I have to admit, it is a very nice campus and perfect location.  He's still undecided on whether he wants to stay home or dorm, but if he chooses to stay home, he so close to school.  It really would be perfect!

The clinic was great, and I think they did like him.  He felt it was a great experience and really liked the coaching staff.

This was a great start to his college search.  We have a few more schools to visit in the next few weeks and I'm still on the search for more showcases/clinics to get him out there but we'll see.  I have learned my lesson though, research these things early.  We'll do better for my daughter - hopefully :)