Fun Crazy Busy Weekends~It's Over!

Well, our busy baseball weekends are over but we still have a few weekends left in August to enjoy!  We spent the rest of the weekends with friends and just us 4 doing what we love - hanging out and going down the shore!

One weekend we had a girls sleep over~Fun!!

With some pool time the next day :)

We still made time to work out~I am training for a half marathon (what was I thinking!)

Squeezed in some back to school shopping.....

Shore moments.....these are the best times!!

Making our workouts fun by bike riding, love riding here at Libert State Park!

Had to stop here at the 9/11 Memorial for all the New Jersey residents who lost their lives that day

Another day at the shore - first time I rode the swings, EVER!! 

It wasn't bad, LOL

Feeding geese while big brother works on his pitching

Another day at the shore with friends!

and they managed to get me on this thing....OMG

I was freaking out but trying to be brave for baby girl!

I was sick the rest of the day, ugh, this ride turned my stomach.

Now it was hubby's turn....but he likes this stuff!

Well.....this pretty much wraps up our summer.  No week long vacation, only weekend getaways for baseball.  I'm not complaining, we really enjoyed all weekends and finally got to visit Gatlinburg, TN even though it was only for a few days!

Hope you all had a summer to remember......these memories will last a lifetime!