Chillin on Race Day

It's race day!!!  First race of the day is the girl's race, so we are up early again, grabbing breakfast at the hotel and then heading to Wide World of Sports.

We arrived early and were able to walk around.  This place is awesome!!!

Here is Goofy waiting for the runners....

and here is baby girl.....

Time to celebrate & show off that medal!!

We headed back to the hotel after the race to drop off the car and grab the ferry to Disney Springs

We had reservations at Planet Hollywood.  

We walked around a bit more and then made our way back to the hotel to meet my parents, who had driven up from Miami to see us for a few hours.  We hung out at the hotel for a bit until it was time for us to head out to our race.  

We arrived at Wild World of Sports and headed to our corrals.  Then there was a storm approaching so we were sent inside the stadium.  It was crazy!!!  This set us back over an hour so since Disney had a hard stop for this run, they had to shorten the race.  We went from a 13.1 race to about 7 miles!
Oh well, we were just happy that the storm wasn't serious and we were ready to go.
It was so exciting....hubby and I were in one of the last corrals and couldn't wait to get going.  

It started out great but as usual, after 1 mile I start feeling tired.  I really need to work on running on pavement for long distances.  I get tired so quickly, complete opposite of my treadmill runs.  I can run more miles on the treadmill will the feeling of exhaustion.

But I pushed through and tried to keep up with hubby, who was doing a lot better than he thought he would.  

I can see the starting line!!!!

Had to stop by the Osborne's Dancing Lights....

I'll catch up....I'm going.....LOL

and we made it!! Love the medals....don't you?

Unfortunatley, I was exhausted and could barely walk so we didn't stick around for the Food & Wine Festival.....we headed back to our room.  I really needed a shower & my bed!

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