Final stop @ Animal Kingdom~Farewell Disney:Until Next Time

The worst day of a Disney vacation has arrived....the day we leave!  Luckily, our flight was early evening so we had plenty of time to enjoy 1 more park before driving back to Savannah.

We decided on Animal Kingdom since this is baby girl's favorite park and we missed out on the Safari the last day we were here.

We rode the safari, rode Dinasour again.....this was like the 3rd or 4th time....LOL!!

After we got our fill of rides, we still had time to kill so we stopped at Downtown Disney....oh, no wait - its Disney Springs!

We walked for a bit, checked out some more stores and then it was finally time to go :(

We definitely have to do this on our next trip.....looks like fun

She really wanted her Rapunzel make over....on the list for next year!

Really love all of this StarWars merchandise

oh and here is Stitch, spitting at all who walk by.  Baby girl really enjoyed seeing him, LOL

Four hours later we were back at Savannah Airport, we turned in the rental car and made our way to the gate.  By the way, did I mention how great this airport is? I loved it!  Its not huge, but everyone is so nice and the place had great food options.  We ate lunch and waited for our flight.  

Our time finally arrived and we boarded our plane.  The flight was issues and we were back in NY in record time!  

We got picked up by the place where we parked our car, and about an hour later we were on our way home!

It was a great trip, one that we will never forget.  One that also got us hooked on running and wanting to return for more Disney races!!!   I'm thinking.....Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon 2016!!