Snowed In!!!!

Our first snow of 2016 and its a blizzard!!  I'm so thankful its a Saturday, so no worries about missing work.  I'm really enjoying being able to stay home and do nothing!! Nothing at all!!!

So, I thought today is a good time to catch up on Grey's Anatomy and some blogging!!

I never wrote about our Christmas season and I should have.  It wasn't anything spectacular, just my little family of 4 here at home but it was great.  This was a special Christmas because it will most likely be our last Christmas in this house.  So, yea it will be meaningful we just haven't realized it yet.

So first we had some fun looking for Ken the elf each morning - here are a few pics of where we found him

crazy elf ;)

I was also able to finally find tickets to the Polar Express this year.  It was a long ride from home, but it was worth it for baby girl.  It was nothing spectacular, but these volunteers really go out to make this ride fun for everone!

Another Christmas tradition that we continued this year was baby girl's playdate with her BFF to make gingerbread houses

Oh and there was also the Nutcracker performance.  Baby Girl's dance academy has this show every Christmas and as usual it was spectacular!

My daughter was amazing....she's growing into a wonderful performer!!

Our traditional NYC trip was a bit different and rushed this year.  Since we went to Disney in November, I didn't have the extra money to get tickets to the Nutcracker or the Christmas Spectacular, but we did go see the tree with friends and it was beautiful.

Another awesome event this month was the new Star Wars movie....yes we are StarWars geeks and love it. LOL
So, another family outing to the movies with the family.  This is a movie we all wanted to see, and usually those don't come out to often.

Christmas Eve finally arrived and it was a nice quiet night.  I made our traditional Cuban Noche Buena meal: Pernil, rice with black beans and yuca.  It was delicious!

Now it was time to exchange our gifts and then set out cookies for Santa.  Then off  to bed, or so I thought!

Santa arrived around midnight and his comotion caused baby girl to wake up.  I was sooooo tired, but we all got up so the kids can look at everything they got.

I went back to sleep after all this.  Later that morning, I helped baby girl play with her new science kit and she had a blast!

Our Christmas was great and New Year's Eve was the same.  Just our little family of 4, spending a great Holiday together. 

This year is going to bring a lot of new things and lots of change, but we are ready for change.