Time to Travel!!

Well, 2016 started like any other year.  We experienced our first blizzard of the year, but I can't complain since we've had a very mild winter so far.  Last weekend we were snowed in and tomorrow we may have temps close to 60 - its crazy!!!

I'm loving it!!  I don't like the cold at all, so I am really enjoying the warmer temps.  Now, if it were really cold, that would be okay too because pretty soon we will be taking a break from all this snow, cold and winter.  We are taking our first trip of 2016 to the Bahamas!!!  I am beyond ecstatic!!!

I'm still in the process of packing and will finish Thursday night since I'm still waiting for a few packages to arrive.  I have set aside more bathing suits than I need, but that's ok!  I also think I have more clothes than I need, but on Thursday I will be unpacking everything again to go over everything.  I'm thinking to set up all outfits so I can weed out things I may not use.

This trip is adults only - so my hubby is really happy that he will have ALL of my attention =D LOL
Hubby & I are looking forward to just relaxing and having no responsibilities.  A few days of nothing but relaxing!!!  We will be staying at the Atlantis and already have some dinners planned and a catamaran ride booked, which I'm really looking forward to.  I'm thinking about booking a couples massage and a dolphin swim, but I haven't made up my mind yet.  Either way, I know that we'll have a blast - it will be so much fun!

This is the first time I'm traveling without my kids and my son seems fine, but baby girl has been extra clingy lately.  She said she was ok with us going but I can tell she's a bit sad.  I know she'll have fun with her aunt & cousins, and I've already told her that next year she will get to see the Bahamas.  I will definitely need to look for something nice to bring back for her :)

Isn't this a great way to start the year?  New Year, lots of changes & new beginnings!!!!