We're Going to the Bahamas!!!

So the day has arrived, we are at the airport waiting for our time to board our flight to the Bahamas!!  So exciting!!  I finished packing late last night, and oh boy, what a struggle!  I didn't want to overpack but how do I know what I want to wear each day for the next 5 days - not an easy task for me!  I'll have more on that after my vacation so I can tell you if I wore everything and did a good job packing or over packed, as usual.

We left the house a bit before 6am because, just our luck, it started snowing in the early morning.  Oh and we couldn't check in online so I was freaking out that there was a problem with our passports....ugh.  So, I woke up my kids to say goodbye, I cried & baby girl was also crying but doing a very good job at trying to keep it in...LOL!  I wasn't as successful.  I think I cried all the way to the airport, and still feel a bit emotional now.  This is my first trip without them....so yea, I am missing them!  As much as I know that we need this getaway without the kids, I really do wish they were here.  Well....guess this is a perfect excuse to plan the next Bahamas getaway - with the kids.

We got in, were able to check in at the help desk with no issues - breezed through security and got our breakfast!!  Now to wait!  We'll be boarding in a little while and 3 hours later we'll be on a sunny island, Can't wait!!!