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Official College Visit ~ Finlandia University

We've seen our suitcases so much this year that I don't know whether to be happy about it or not.  Travel can be exhausting and we still have more to go.

Back in April we set up a college visit for our son, who is graduating this year.  He was accepted to this school, so even though it was far, we knew this was a trip we couldn't postpone.  The baseball coach was very interested in him, so it was even more important to take this trip.

Finlandia University is located in Hancock, MI.  I had to look it up on a map because I've never traveled to Michigan and had no idea where this place was located.

I was in shock when I saw where it was!  All the way up there?  How do they play baseball, I'm sure it snows 95% of the year!!  So many thoughts ran through my head, but still, we had to give it a chance.  Besides, as of that moment, this was the only school that had accepted him and was interested in him pitching for the D3 team.  So the planning began.

I quickly realized …

2016 Super Prep Baseball Tournament~ April 7-9th

Here we go, our first baseball trip of the year.  Now I say the first because there have been years where we've taken multiple trips.  This year may be different and this may be the only baseball trip we take, so I'm glad we did take it. The highschool team was going to attend the 2016 Super Prep Series in Louisville, KY.  It was exciting, especially for these boys who have never travelled out of the state as a team.
My son was leaving on the bus with his school, but me & hubby had to work.  So, we went to work earlier than usual and got on the road by 1pm.  
The look of exhaustion~only been on the road for 10 minutes!

Road trips are exhausting, but I really do enjoy seeing new places and nature along the way.  I always keep my camera or phone handy for random pics like these.....

We stopped in West Virginia for a much needed bathroom break!

I was beyond exhausted....

We arrived at the hotel a bit after midnight.  We stayed at the Ramada Plaza Louisville Hotel & Confe…