Our Bahamas Getaway~Part 2

I'm back with more about our Bahamas Getaway......
The next morning was Sunday, and we were up early again.  The beach is sooooo beautiful and peaceful, I was so glad we were up early to enjoy it.
I was also happy because there was a storm coming and we were able to get some nice fresh, beach air before the storm reached us.
We also got lots of pictures!

After our walk and taking pictures, we went back up to our room to change for the gym.....and took more pictures of the resort as we walked.

Our view.....not terrible, much better than the first view we had.

The walk to the gym is a workout in itself.....it was really far!  But, I did enjoy walking around and seeing so much of the resort.

Finally made it....now to burn off some calories....

Now to eat......

and then on the hunt for a hot tub!

We found one......

It was really windy, the palm tree right by us looked like it would snap any minute....

Eventually, we had enough of the hot tub so we went back to our rooms to change.

Came back down to have lunch and explore some more...

Had some drinks and lunch at a spot across the street

 Then back to the resort to look around some more.....

Eventually we got tired and it was time for us to shower and get all dressed up again for our dinner.

Tonight we would be enjoying our meal at Seafire Steakhouse

Everything was delicious, and I normally don't eat steaks at restaurants but this was amazing!

Dessert was absolutely delicious too.....wow!!!

Then we walked some more before calling it a night!

That's all for now....plenty of pictures for everyone to enjoy!

My last post will have the end of our getaway.....lots more pictures to come!