Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our Bahamas Getaway~Part 4/Time to go Back Home!

This is our last day :( a little bittersweet....loved being here but couldn't wait to see my kids.
We started our morning as usual, and we walked around a lot more and took a lot more pictures!

Had to add some silliness to our pictures, we had a great time!

and everywhere you turned there was marine life...

I loved all the details everywhere you look...

On this last day we also found new places, like these stairs!
Wonder where they go......

An underground world.....

the lost city of Atlantis :)

LOL, this place was awesome! 
 I totally loved all of the sea creatures we saw....

a little break from walking....

The seahorses were my favorite!!

We finally found the end of the tunnels, and it brought back to the center of the Royal Tower.

One last breakfast at Poseidon's Table....

Then some shopping at the Marina Village...

Once we were done, we rushed back to our room to finish packing!  We still had to check out and get a cab to the airport.

Well, that was it.....our weekend getaway was over!

Bye, bye Bahamas

Hello Newark, NJ!

Our getaway went by too fast, but we had a great time!! So much of a great time that hubby has been looking to book our next getaway ever since we got back....LOL!

I was happy to be back and see my kids.  
We are planning another trip back to Atlantis, but this time we want to take the kids.  There is so much to do that they will both love spending a few days there.

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