Vacation Packing & Prep

It's almost that time again.....we will be back on the road and this time it is for a much needed vacation.  Even though we may need a vacation from this vacation, I am really looking forward to it!!  So, we are headed to Walt Disney World - again!  I will never get enough of Disney, plus there are new attractions/shows that have recently opened up and I'm so excited to see them.

This trip actually came about because my daughter's dance school was invited to be part of Dance The World in Disney!  This news was very exciting and after talking about it for a year, the days are quickly approaching.  So for this trip, I also have to remember to pack her dance costumes, accessories and make up!  Here is my list:

So as of today, I have almost everything packed except for toiletries, cameras, electronics, food and my planner.  These are usually packed the day before since most of these things I use on a daily basis.  I will be making 1 last stop at Target to buy snacks, and I believe that is all that is left to purchase for this trip.

Since we are driving I don't have to worry about what I pack, I just need to make sure I don't forget anything!  We will be leaving Friday night, hopefully arriving at my grandparents' home Saturday afternoon where we will stay until Monday morning!  Then its Disney for the rest of the week!

I have planned dining and fast passes around my daughter's dance/performance schedule and we should have plenty of time to enjoy the parks.  Let's just hope it doesn't raing!  I'll have more on my trip plans in the next post - hope you come back for that!

I don't think I've left anything out, but please let me know if you have any suggestions for anything I may have missed.  My kids are older so as long as they have their iphones/ipads, they will be fine, so no need for road trip games!  What are your road trip essentials?