Beach/Family Day :D

After a wonderfully peaceful and restful night, hubby and I were up early and we had planned on going to the beach for a little while.  We had a very busy week ahead with no privacy and no alone time, so we were going to take a couple hours this morning just for us!

We headed to Miami Beach at 7AM

We got a good parking spot and headed into the was such a beautiful day.

The water was clear, clean and perfect temperature!

I loved seeing these people with their dogs on the beach.  I could totally live here!

After a little swimming, we put everything away and stopped for some pictures.

 Hubby getting the camera ready for our pic, while I keep taking pics with my iphone, LOL

We went back home, ate and then packed up to head to my dad's house.
Got some pics in, and loved seeing how big my kids are.  Seeing them next to my grandparents really made me see how much my kids have grown.

he looks like a giant!

Finally got to my dad's and the kids wasted no time in jumping in the trampoline.

This evening was very low key.  We had dinner and just stayed in.  We had a really early morning the next morning so staying in was great!

This trip report is going to be in several posts, so here you will find links to everything: