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ODS Girls Day ~Parade Day

Finally, the morning we've been waiting for.  Months and months of baby girl and her friends spending their Saturday at the dance studio practicing.  It is finally time to show what they've learned and they will be doing it down Main Street U.S.A!! So exciting!!

Not sure who's more  or baby girl?  LOL!!! Either way, we are all excited!

So I had to help her get dressed and get her makeup done before breakfast.

Then we went down to meet everyone and have breakfast together.

After breakfast, there was a quick group picture and then they were off to catch their bus.  Parents were on their own, so we took our car and headed over to Magic Kingdom.

Once we got there, we quickly found the group of ODS parents - everyone wearing their ODS Royal Blue shirts!  We were ready to cheer on our girls!!

We see the parade coming and it was such a wonderful surprise to see that our girls were the ones to open and lead the parade!! It was amazing and they performed like true…

Disney....Here We Come!!

5 AM - Time to get up!!  I have to admit, I was exhausted but sooooo excited too!!  Both hubby and I got up first to get ready, then we woke up the kids and loaded up the car while the kids got ready.

About 30 - 45 minutes later we were off!  In 2-3 hours we would be arriving in Disney!!  The excitement was really hard to contain....LOL!!

We stopped at Pop Century first to check in.  When we checked in, I realized that they had given me a room with a King Bed.  That wasn't going to work because, my daughter and son would be staying with us.  My daughter was booked to stay with other girls from her dance school, but it was decided later on that she would sleep in our room instead!  My son was not supposed to come with us to Disney, but last minute changes forced him to come along we needed to be switched to a room with double beds.  I didn't have time to go back and make the change because we had breakfast reservations at O'hana so I would just take care of this…