3 Parks~1 Day!!

So, it is our last day in my Happy Place (prepare for tons of pics) and I had planned on getting the most out of it.  4 parks in 1 Day....that was the plan!  We headed out to Magic Kingdom early to catch the opening ceremony and make sure we got on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Always trying to catch up.....

We were really early, so we just sat around and waited....

Finally....the show began!!

Time to head in.....

Once we were through the gates, it was straight to Seven Dwarfs Mine train!

I don't think I'll ever get tired of this ride....LOVE IT!!
After Mine train we jumped on the next ride that we didn't get on the last time we were in MK.

Peter Pan it is!!!

We walked around some more.....really enjoying the emptiness of the park.  It was still early, so the huge crowds hadn't taken over yet

I can never have too many shots of Rapunzel's tower.....Beautiful!!!

Next up...Haunted Mansion!

Now I was feeling the early morning effects, so I decided to sit this ride out....Hubby & Baby Girl went for a spin on the teacups!!

Couple more shots in front of Cinderella's Castle...

Another spot that I will always need a picture of, even if I already have hundreds of them at home :)

As we were walking, we saw this small show....first time I'd ever seen it!!
It was very entertaining!!

Aaaahhh....just browsing I promise.....

Now off to the next stop....Epcot!

Another ride at the top of our list - we could ride this 100 times and not get tired of it!

and she got a new license...LOL

We were done at Epcot, so off to Animal Kingdom. 

The park wasn't super crowded, plus it started to rain a bit so I guess that helped.  We were able to walk around a lot and get plenty of pictures without people getting in my way.

As always, we went on the Safari and it was the firs time we been on it while it rained!

Afterwards we stopped for a treat.

Then stopped for lunch at Restaurantosaurus and I got myself a drink, Cretaceous Cooler - it was terrible, I couldn't even finish it!

Next up, Dinosaur - there was absolutely no wait....10 minutes to get on.
We went on it twice!

Thought about riding Expedition Everest, but naaaahhhh...me & baby girl chickened out!

So by now, we were exhausted and decided to call it a day.  We didn't miss much at Hollywood Studios the first time we went, so we went back to our room to rest up and get ready to end the night!

Our last ADR was at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop!  Now, we ate before coming here, but my sole purpose for coming back was to eat the Kitchen Sink since all 4 of us would be there.

We were early, so the kids (and hubby) went to play video games.

Finally we were in!

Look at this thing!!! WOW!!!  There were like 5-6 other people ordering it too and I just love how they announce it!!  This was soooo worth it!

and that is all that is left......LOL!!

Just like that, our vacation is over!  The next morning we were off bright and early on our way back to NJ.

As always it was a wonderful and memorable vacation.  This one was even more special because of baby girl's Dance The World participation!

Now to start planning for the next trip......

This trip report is going to be in several posts, so here you will find links to everything: