Disney Shopping Haul!!!

So it is sad coming home from vacation.....I honestly wish I lived in Disney, or atleast right next door!  But I don't, so its nice to come home with some goodies that keep reminding me of our time there.

I always shop on our trips, and this one wouldn't be any different!

First up was our purchase from Basin.  I got 1 tin and baby girl got 1.

I also stopped in Vera Bradley in Disney Springs and picked up this cute beach bag, along with new flip flops which I forgot to take a picture of.

This is 1 of the 2  Stitch t-shirts that baby girl got!  She LOVES Stitch.

Then ofcourse, our pins, keychains and bracelet charms!

While we walked around Epcot, we stopped in the Japan pavilion and got 2 fans, which were personalized with our names.  One for me and one for baby girl. 

Since we had a our car, we went shopping outside of Disney and picked up this shopping bag at one of the stores.

I also picked up this tablet cover.  I bought it for my small Samsung Nook but it was too big for it.  Sometimes I still store it in there, but I think this is best for the small iPad.

As usual....I got 2 new photo albums

and a new frame.

Baby Girl and hubby saw this night shirt for me and said it described me perfectly.  They were right, so I bought it!

Since I LOVE collecting mugs, especially Starbucks mugs, I picked up this one.  

I got myself some new sticky notes for work....Gotta add a little Disney to my 9-5!

Baby girl got herself this little mirror....

Another item for work...a Zen Garden kit....I love it!!

and finally, I got these 3 mugs to add to my Starbucks You Are Here Collection.

I'm happy with everything we got, I don't think we spent too much.  The only thing I wish I would have grabbed on this trip was a Disney Dooney & Bourke.
Oh well, guess that will just be added to my shopping list for the next trip!