Family & ODS Showcase

So it is Wednesday morning....these days are going a bit too fast for me, but sadly that is always the case when we are having fun!
Today there is more make-up and hair to do but baby girl had to wear her black leotard with ODS T-shirt and black Tights.  We went down to eat breakfast with all the other girls and then headed to our car, while baby girl wanted to ride on the bus with everyone else.  We all arrived at Epcot and first thing to be done was a group picture taken by Disney photographers! 

Took a bit of time to get everyone together but they did it!! Then they were off to the theater, while hubby and I stayed behind waiting for my parents and niece to arrive.  They arrived about 15 minutes later, so we stopped at Starbucks for my iced coffee and headed over to the theater.  

We were early, our girls were performing in the second show but since it was so hot out, we went in and watched all the performers during the first show.  Once that was over, we moved to get better seats and then it was showtime!  Of course, our group was towards the end, but it was fantastic!! The show involved so girls from different levels so all ages performed.  It was the most beautiful performance I had ever seen out of this school.  Absolutely amazing!  

So after the show was over we went to eat lunch.  

Once we were done eating we walked around a bit but nobody knew what they wanted to do, my niece didn't like to ride much and it was really hot, so we went back to the hotel for some fun at the pool!

We just relaxed at the pool, I had a drink (or 2) and just watched the girls have their fun!  Later that night we went out for dinner and called it a night!

It's been a very busy & hectic trip so far, and even though I enjoyed every second, I was looking forward to a more relaxed day. 

This trip report is going to be in several posts, so here you will find links to everything: