Pumpkin Picking

Its that time of year again...the weather has cooled, most days seem gray, and everywhere I look there is pumpkin everything.  Now I'm not complaining, much!  I prefer Summer, always will no matter how hot it may get, but I do enjoy the Fall.  I love wearing scarves, boots, drinking my hot caramel lattes and of course.....pumpkin lattes, pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin muffins!!!  

Another thing I really enjoy in the Fall is all of our activities like Apple and Pumpkin Picking, Baby Girl's recital and Halloween.  This year we are only doing Pumpkin Picking, I have no time for Apple Picking since we are busy looking for a place to move into by Nov. 1st and baby girl cannot miss any dance classes since her recital is in a week!  Summer downtime is definitely over!

We went to our usual spot...the BEST in NJ, in my opinion, Ideal Farms in Lafayette, NJ.  We arrived at 9am, I was trying to make it back home by noon, but when I went into the shop to ask about the hayride I was informed that they wouldn't start until 11am.  Oh no!!  I should have called, oh well.  Two of my daughter's friends from dance came along, so we sat down to relax while the girls ran around and fed the goats.  We also got our shopping out of the way, 2 freshly baked applie pies, fresh NJ honey and apple cider.  By the time 11am rolled around, we were ready to go get our pumpkins!

The girls did go in the haunted barn....but there really isn't much to it...LOL!

Oh and some pics by all the different cutouts in the area.....

We grabbed our pumpkins, came back on the hayride and headed to the checkout!!  It was a nice early morning/afternoon spent with friends, but now it was time to go back to our busy lives.  The girls all went to their dance class right after this, and I headed out to see some more homes/apartments.

The apple pie was delicious, and the pumpkin is at home waiting to be carved!

What are some of your favorite Fall activities?  I'd love to hear about them!