NJ is Shut Down!!!

Yes, leave it to mother nature to give us one last surprise before Springtime - another snowstorm!  Stella came in with a vengeance!  20+ inches in the tri-state area and super high winds.
Now that I live on the 9th floor, we really hear the wind.  Its crazy & scary all at once!

I stayed home and it kind of sucked because now I have one less sick day at my disposal.  There was no way I was going out in this blizzard, plus the governor did say that we were in a state of emergency so no non-emergency vehicles were to be out.

Aside from using my sick day, I had no problem staying home today.  I actually feel like I needed it.  I did absolutely NOTHING!  Nothing, nothing, nothing and I loved every second of it.  I made hot chocolate in the morning for my kids, then rented Step Up to watch with baby girl.  We watched Step Up Revolution the last night, so we were in the mood to watch how it all started.
After that I watched some youtube, worked out to my 21 Day Fix (can't skip a workout) and then took a nice, hot epsom salt & lush bomb bath!  Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

It was lovely.
Then I was back in my pajamas....yes it was an all day pajama day.  I wasn't going anywhere so why get dressed!

Hubby went out to shovel snow and brought home some Chinese food, so we ate and then back to watching movies.  We started watching Blended on Vudu but the site must have been having issues - it kept buffering.  So we took that off and looked on Time Warner's On Demand and found Big Hero 6 so we rented it and now are watching that.

I'll be getting ready to sleep soon since tomorrow I will be off to work bright and early.  I just hope the streets are clean tomorrow!  

Hope any of you that were snowed in enjoyed your day!
Stay Safe!!