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Time for some Competitions!!

Spring is a great time of year.  For many, it means the dark & gloomy days are over, new things to come.  For me, it means all of that and more!!  Spring brings a breath of fresh air, longer, brighter days which really makes my mood better.  Spring used to bring busy baseball days and dance activities.  Now it only brings dance activities, like competitions, the spring concert and preparing for the Summer program.

It all began last weekend with the Backstage Competition!  It was great, very entertaining and so much fun to see all of the girls go up there and dance their little hearts away!  Then walk away with a few awards!!

The day starts early with hair and makeup:

Now its time to head out:

Finally at the venue for the first day of dance!!  Solos, Duos and Trios on Saturday, so baby girl is up. This year she only prepped for 1 dance and it was a Flamenco Duo with one of her best friends.

But first, a little more practice. Practice makes perfect!

and a little posing...

Now its s…