Washington DC Trip - Day 2

Day 2 was an entire day in museums!  First stop was the National Museum of Natural History.
There was so much to see, it took us several hours but it was magnificent!

We did enjoy and stop to take pics of monuments and buildings we saw along the way.

This elephant was one of my favorite displays!  

Evolution of man was interesting...

Trying to be part of the displays.....

The Egyptian/Mummy displays were also a favorite of mine.  

Then we got to the crystals/gemstones section....Wow is all I have to say! LOL

The Hope Diamond - much more beautiful in person

After the museum, we picked up lunch from one of the food trucks outside.  There are tons of them to choose from.  We sat right outside the museum to have lunch and had a little visitor.
This little squirrel almost jumped on our food, LOL.

After lunch, we walked over to the National Air & Space Museum.

That was it for Day 2!