Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney Weenies :)

So for today's theme for Wordless Wednesday is Disney Weenies....now I thought of putting a picture of myself...LOL - too afraid to ride certain roller coasters, hehehehehe!

But, I learned from Deb at Focused on the Magic that "A Weenie is what Walt Disney and his Imagineers called the iconic structures or focal points in each of the Disney parks and lands. They are big enough to be seen from a distance and interesting enough to draw you closer for a better look."

So, here are 3 of mine:

I would love to see your favorite Disney Weenies!  Go visit Focused on the Magic & link up!

Focused on the Magic


  1. It's so good to see the Chinese Theater again after all these years. I liked the hat but Mann's is a classic.


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