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New Fitness Plan!!

So its February 1st and I've spent the last month working on myself.  Not because it is a new year, but because as much as I've been dieting, trying to eat right and exercise, my weight wasn't coming down.  So, after my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and he also decided to get serious with his nutrition, I decided to make some changes as well.  I've done my best in the past couple years in trying to workout several times a week.  I've been a beachbody coach for over a year, mainly for the discount.  Haven't really had the time to dedicate to the business side of it, although eventually I may try it again.  While on beachbody, I struggled with following the nutrition and not because it was hard. I struggle with coming up with meal ideas and at the time my husband was not on board, so I would come home from work to eat whatever he wanted.  Chipotle, Wendy's, pasta -  all bad to have daily.  So now that he is focused, he reached out to his nephew, who is …