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Wordless Wednesday~Team Disney/Marvel!

This was a difficult one since I love so many Marvel characters, but here are my top 2!!

Travel Tuesday~Florida Trip Planning: St. Augustine

I've spent the last few days reading about St. Augustine.  There are so many things to do and there is so much history here!  So much more than Key West!  I went to several websites for information and boy, did I find information.  I had to really narrow it down to some of the places that would grab my attention.

Here is a quick list of the places that interested me:

Fountain of YouthOldest Wooden SchoolhouseCastillo de San MarcosThe Colonial QuarterOld Florida MuseumSt. Augustine Lighthouse

I also found this travel guide: One Day in St Augustine on TripAdvisor written by EnriqueA.

This guide was great!  It starts off with their recommendation for breakfast at Les Petits Pleasures which does sound good!  I love pastries-so pastries for breakfast sounds like something I can't pass up!
He then recommends you stop at the visitor center - I didn't even know there was one!  This definitely sounds like a good idea because here you will find information on everything in St. August…

Cooking Corner: My Chicken Enchiladas

Let me start by saying, I'm no great cook!  I started learning how to cook with very basic recipes after I married my hubby.  I never really cooked much since my mother-in-law always cooked for us, so I didn't have to learn to do much.  Even though I didn't cook much, I did start buying cookbooks and kinda started dabbling with cooking.  Some recipes stuck with me, others I still have to dig out the recipes.

This one was so good & simple, that even though I only make it once in a while, I never need to look at the recipe.  It is so, so simple and I've made it even easier by buying a rotisserie chicken. 

Here is what you need: 1 Rotisserie Chicken 1-2 jars of salsa (to your taste & your level of heat- I do mild or medium)  Shredded Mexican Cheese Tortillas - Burritto size Preheat oven at 350 degrees

I start by cutting up a rotisserie chicken.

Add the chicken & salsa(to your liking) in a skillet

Add cheese - again to your liking, I add a lot because I LOVE Ch…

Kitchen/Pantry Organization

Hi All!!  So one of the struggles we all go through is organization.  If you don't - God Bless You & please give me your secret :)  I for one am a mess!  It gets to a point where nothing fits, I don't have room for anything and I get frustrated trying to find a place for all my stuff.  So, that's when I finally decide to take a day and take everything out - throw away what I don't need or use and figure out where everything needs to be.  Then, decide if I need to buy anything to help with the organization-which I try to avoid in an effort to not spend money. 

This month, part of my coach's Beachbody Challenge Group is tidying up.  She recommended we read or listen to Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind & Soul.  So I am listening on Audible and it has inspired me to organize.   I decided to start with my kitchen being that this has been my biggest struggle.  I have a small kitchen, not many cabinets and I want to keep things off the counter so everything…

Wordless Wednesday~Spring

Travel Tuesday ~ Florida Trip planning-Key West

So with our Florida trip approaching, there are 2 cities that I'm looking into visiting.  We have not visited either one as a family and the last time I visited both I was a child.  So needless to say, that I do need to research and discover things to do.  I'm starting with Key West.

The main attraction to Key West for me is the 90 miles to Cuba marker (the Southernmost Point marker) that everyone visits and the beaches, but I know there is a lot more to Key West.  In searching for information on Key West, I just discovered that it is known as the "Winter White House" due to its appeal to U.S. presidents - I didn't know this!!  Key West has also been home to Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams - 2 literary greats-interesting.  I love visiting places with so much history - its one of the reasons I love & recommend Newport, RI so much!  So, now to find things to do.

I came across this travel guide on Trip Advisor, and it is for a 1-day trip - which right no…

Shopping at Good To Be!

Hi All!! Hope you've had a great week!  Today I want to talk a bit about Instagram.  I love instagram, love that its mainly about sharing life via pictures.  I love taking pictures, and I actually feel that I missed my calling.  I should have studied to become a photographer, but anyway, this is why I enjoy using Instagram so much!
A new reason I love Instagram is discovering small shops from all over the country.  I really do enjoy shopping-it is my therapy :)  Recently, I've enjoyed shopping from smaller shops that I've discovered in Instagram.  YouTube also helps, as it did with this particular shop.  I've been following AlexandMichael on youtube and instagram for over a year now, and when they announced that they were opening up an online shop, I was very curious.  Curious to see if there would actually be items that I'd like and could afford - LOL.
My first purchase was right before my Cancun vacation and it was this beautiful, embroided cover up, The Seaside…

Wordless Wednesday~Views

Travel Tuesday~Florida trip planning

So in another month we’ll be on our way back to Florida for our annual family vacation.  My main reason for going to Florida is to visit my family: dad, stepmom, stepsisters, uncle, aunt, grandmother & grandfather.  That’s a lot of people to make time for, but I always make it work.

My dilemma is that although I enjoy just sitting around talking to my grandparents,my kids & hubby get bored.  I don’t blame them, after all this is supposed to be our vacation.  Therefore, I always try to find things we can do that we will all enjoy & still give me time at home with my family.

In past years, we just make daily trips to the beach, take a drive to Orlando just for the day and/or visit local amusement parks like the Miami Seaquarium.

This year, I’m looking at either visiting either Key West or St. Augustine.  I’ve been to both as a child but I’ve never been there as an adult & my hubby & kids have never been there at all.  The idea of going to Key West is great because I’…

My First Louis Vuitton Purchase!

Finally the weekend - its been a hectic few weeks at work so the weekends are a breath of fresh air!  I really need these breaks from work.  As much as work frustrates me, I can't be too down on it since it is my livelihood.  Without my job, I wouldn't have the money for my necessities and my occasional treats or splurges.  This is where my most recent purchase comes in.

I've had a long time love of all Louis Vuitton handbags.  I would have a huge collection of LV handbags if it weren't for the fact that they are soooooo expensive.  I waited and waited many years, and this Christmas I saved some Christmas money to buy myself something.  I had also discovered this site that sells pre-loved designer items.  The site is Fashionphile and let me tell you, it is amazing.

Fashionphile has everything and their descriptions are accurate.  You can sell your fashion items to them or purchase from them.  So I started searching for my first LV bag.  I love many other designers, but …