My First Fairy Loot!

I love reading - I don't have as much time as I would like to read, but nevertheless I love reading.  I'm always looking for some good reads, so I found this subscription service called Fairy Loot on Instagram.  I started following them on Instagram and loved what I saw.  They are based in London and have monthly themes.  It is a fantasy-focused subscription box containing recently released Young adult books and other bookish goodies.  So I decided to sign up.

Last month I received my first box!

My first reaction was pure excitement and when I opened it, I loved everything!!

The card, the bookmark, the mug, socks, bath salts, candle & book......loved it all!!!

The theme was Twisted Tales, so everything in the box relates to this theme.

The candle is from Wick & Fable and the scent is Hinterland, which has a woody scent.  The candle relates to the book in the box.
The bath salts are Poisonous Apple, from Little Heart and you can guess what fairytale this belongs to.
The socks, which are cute & comfy, are called the Witch & The Gingerbread House - inspired by Hansel and Gretel.
The mug is an exclusive design called 'Grimm Tales' designed by Aunjuli Art and includes art from all the Grimm fairytales.
The bookmark, or better yet, the woodmark, is from Ink and Wonder and it is Little Red Riding Hood!
And finally, the book - the real reason I signed up for this subscription: The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert.

I've already used the socks and mug on Saturday night.  The bath salts will be used tonight while I soak in the tub reading my new book and burn the candle.

Can't wait to get started!

I know this is a young adult book, and I may be too old to be reading YA books, but I love them!  Especially Science Fiction - anything to do with fairies, vampires, witches, I love them all!  The price is a bit high and I imagine its due to the shipping since I'm in the US and this box is coming from London.  So far I'm very happy with everything I recieved.  I'll follow up with a book review once I'm finished with it, but for now I think I will enjoy it.

I will be continuing my subscription for March.  If I'm as happy with the next box, I may go another month.  My subscription runs month to month and I can cancel at any time. So as long as I can afford it and I keep loving the boxes, I will continue it.

Do you subscribe to any book boxes?  Which ones?  I'd love to hear what you like and if you've tried Fairy Loot - how do you like it?