Travel Tuesday~Florida Trip Planning: St. Augustine

I've spent the last few days reading about St. Augustine.  There are so many things to do and there is so much history here!  So much more than Key West!  I went to several websites for information and boy, did I find information.  I had to really narrow it down to some of the places that would grab my attention.

Here is a quick list of the places that interested me:

  • Fountain of Youth
  • Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse
  • Castillo de San Marcos
  • The Colonial Quarter
  • Old Florida Museum
  • St. Augustine Lighthouse

I also found this travel guide: One Day in St Augustine on TripAdvisor written by EnriqueA.

This guide was great!  It starts off with their recommendation for breakfast at Les Petits Pleasures which does sound good!  I love pastries-so pastries for breakfast sounds like something I can't pass up!
He then recommends you stop at the visitor center - I didn't even know there was one!  This definitely sounds like a good idea because here you will find information on everything in St. Augustine. Plus you can purchase tickets for any events.  I may add this to the start of my day!

Another 2 places he recommends were not on my original list - I didn't even know they existed!  Potter's Wax Museum & St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum - both sound like fun and will have to be added to my list!
The next recommendation is Castillo de San Marcos which was already on my list.  I am really excited about seeing this place - I love history and seeing old architecture so this I will not miss.

The next 2 recommendations didn't really interest me much, but the one right after these two did catch my eye.  This place is the Ximenez-Fatio House and again, it's a historical home which is something I love seeing.  Something about actually being in a place that people lived in many years ago is amazing to me.  I love being able to be inside these homes or castillos, it's awesome so this I may not pass up.

 Next on his list is the Lightner Museum.  The architecture and the grounds look gorgeous so I may have to stop here too!  The last 3 suggestions are a walk on St. George Street for some shopping, a stop at the St. Augustine Distillery which is a bit appealing to me but my daughter may be bored out of her mind here, and finally dinner at the Ice Plant.  This I may skip - I'm sure when it comes to food we'll find something we will all like.

Overall this was a great guide - very informative with lots of tips and it helped me find new places to see.  There are other sites that give information but this can be overwhelming.

I may still look over some of the other sites, but I think there is enough on my list for a week, never mind a day.  Now I'm thinking we should plan 3 or more days in St. Augustine.  Not sure if going during this trip is a good idea because there is so much more I want to see here.

Have any of you traveled to St. Augustine recently?
What are your favorite things to do in St. Augustine with kids?