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Cooking Corner~Cookbook Challenge Day 2

Hi everyone!! Today I have another recipe from If it Makes you Healthy to try. In the past year, I have discovered that Brussel sprouts aren't that terrible, but I only knew how to roast them in the oven.  As I flipped through this cookbook, I saw that there was a recipe for Brussel sprouts & cauliflower. So let's give this a try.

cutting up the cauliflower was a little messy - I had florets all over the place!

Cutting the brussel sprouts was very time consuming.

Aside from all the chopping, this was a quick recipe.  Not difficult but I had to buy pine nuts, which I normally don't keep handy.  The dish tasted good, but I'm not too sure this is something I would cook again.

So far I've made 2 recipes and we are 1 for 2.....let's see which recipe I make next.
Do you have this book?  What should I try next?

Wordless Wednesday~Pixar!

Travel Tuesday....Let's Talk Disney!!!

Hey guys!!! Are you all ready for Memorial Day Weekend?  We are still making plans so this post is not about our Memorial Day weekend plans but it is about a place I totally love.  Disney!! Lately, I've been thinking about Disney so I've been watching a lot of Disney vlogs on YouTube.  Watching these videos has really made me want to start planning my next trip, although I was thinking of putting it off until we are official Floridians, which I hope happens by 2019.

For now, I'll settle for watching YouTube and help others plan their Disney vacations.  Now, I'm not here to sell you Disney or tell you to book any vacations through me, although that would be nice & greatly appreciated!  I'm here to just talk about some of the great things going on at Disney this year!

Here are just a few of the current offers available:

Booking Window: March 21- August 1, 2018 Travel Window: most nights May 28-August 30, …

Fitness Plan - Day 1

Its been over a month since I've worked out.  I didn't plan on taking off a month but I did, so now its time to start over!  I do have to say, I gained some of my weight back but not all of it, so that is some good news.

I'm back on my meal plan which consists of mostly protein and veggies.  This week I'll be eating the same thing all week, and I prepped on Sunday so I don't slip up during the week.

I started my morning with T25 from Beachbody and then did some toning moves after work.  I hope to workout twice a day every day, but this doesn't always happen as planned.  There are days I come home completely exhausted & not in the mood for anything.  This is why it is so important for me to workout first thing in the morning.  I'm also determined to drink a gallon of water everyday....which means I'll be visiting the restroom every hour!!

Its never too late to start, everyday you wake up is your chance to try again!
How are you doing with your fitne…

Cooking Corner~Mother's Day Meal

Hi everyone!! I'm back with another recipe, and this is one of my own.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pasta and the cheesier the better.  This recipe is not diet friendly at all, but I decided to use turkey instead of beef in an attempt to make it healthier!
I started with cooking the ground turkey and I cooked it the same way I would've cooked the beef.  I use onion, garlic and lots of Italian seasoning. I thoroughly cook the turkey and then add a chunky pasta sauce.  You can use your favorite sauce, homemade or jarred.  I use jarred sauce because it makes my life so much easier, plus the 3 times I've tried making homemade sauce, it has been a fail! 

While the meat is cooking, I start boiling my ziti.

While the meat cooks with the sauce and the pasta boils, I start preparing the ricotta cheese to add to the ziti, then set it aside.

Meat is looking good and you can't even tell its turkey, in my opinion!

Now to mix it all up!!  I first spread sauce at the bottom of the pan, then …

Travel Tuesday~Oh What a Vacation~Fun, Sun & Hospital???

Another Vacation has finally arrived and we are heading back to Florida.  I would love to travel somewhere new, but at the moment we use our full week vacation to visit family.  My grandparents, parents and sisters live in Florida so this is a great time to go and catch up.  We do, however, plan day trips and activities so we can have a vacation.  My ideal vacations are beach time & eating out so there was plenty of this planned.

Our flight was a 5am so normally I would be cranky, I'm not a morning person, but the thought of being in sunny Florida for a week made it all better.  We arrived nice and early - no delays so our vacation was off to a great start.

The cousins were reunited that afternoon and we started planning the next day's activities.

The next day we headed out to Juno Beach Pier - this is one of our favorite beaches.  What we didn't expect was for the ocean to be so rough.  The boys all loved it - rough waves, jumping right into them is their favorite thi…